Communication Access Services (CAS)

ABL Communication Access Services (CAS) mission is to provide services to the Deaf, Deaf-Blind & Hard of Hearing community in Lafayette and the surrounding areas, with tools that empower their rights to equal communications access.

Support Service Provider (SSP) - A Support Service Provider, or SSP, is trained with communication in American Sign Language (ASL) and sighted guide skills who accompanies a deaf-blind person, providing visual and environment information and communication facilitators in performance of accessibility options which allow the consumers to make informed decisions.  With the provision of SSP services, the deaf-blind are able to fully participle in activities of daily living while no longer socially isolated. Click here for more information about the SSP program.

Telecommunication Access Loan Program -
This program loans telecommunications equipment, based on availability and eligibility.  Examples of equipment loaned can be anything from a loud bell ringer or light flashers, to a Deaf-Blind Communicator. Click here for more information about the Telecommunications Access Loan Program.

Hearing Aid Program - This program provides hearing aids to qualified Louisiana residents age 50 or older with a documented hearing loss of 40 dB or greater in the better ear. Click here for more information about the Hearing Aid Program.

Sign Language Interpreting Services - ABL provides certified and qualified sign language interpreters in a multitude of settings. Click here for more information about Sign Language Interpreting Services.



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