University Transition Program
This program facilitates the transition into college and improves the likelyhood of success in college. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana in conjunction with The University of Louisiana, Lafayette, and South Louisiana Community College, offer an opportunity for blind, visually impaired, and low vision college-bound students to get their feet wet in college life and, at the same time, learn critical blindness related skills.

Students will learn about the UL campus, UL computing systems, Office for students with disabilities, Testing center, Dupre` Library and other important features of the University. At the same time, students will learn about adaptive technology, note taking strategies, and how to be a successful blind student. Just as important, students will learn critical life skills such as Orientation and Mobility, Budgeting/Money Management, Braille, Survival Cooking, and Clothing Care.

Transition Program components Include:
  • Room and board for the duration of the program.
  • Familiarization to the campus- either ULL or SLCC.
  • Enrollment in one basic level course (eligible for full university credit.)
  • Introduction to the Services for Disabled Students Office.
  • Familiarization to the University Computer System.
  • Instruction on the University E-mail system.
  • Study/Organizational Skills.
  • Orientation and Mobility training.
  • Adaptive Technology Instruction.
  • Home and Personal Management.
  • Communications instruction (Braille, note taking strategies, tape recorder use, etc.)
  • Time Management.
  • Money Management Training.
Duration of training is the length of the college semester plus one to two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. The cost of the training will be provided at ABL's regular residential monthly tuition rates.



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