Initial Assessment, Vocational Evaluation and Counseling Services
The assessment, vocational evaluation, and vocational counseling program utilizes a variety of functional, objective, subjective assessment, and evaluation instruments to identify client aptitude, values, interests, motivation, temperament, and general educational functioning which is required for successful rehabilitation, educational, and job placement.

Effective assessment of new clients begins with an initial interview of each new clients' background along with a functional assessment of their present abilities. This information is then utilized to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) with the client, which will assist them to reach their maximum potential and independence. The vocational evaluation and counseling segment employs a number of evaluation instruments to help clients identify their strengths, vocational interests, and vocational/educational potential, along with increasing their self-awareness and knowledge of the labor market and its demands to produce outcomes that are appropriate for each individual. Clients engage in vocational exploration through a variety of experiences such as reading, talking with workers, visiting work sites, internships, internet access, and on-the-job training. The duration of these services range from 40 to 120 hours.

Additionally, each clients' functional skills are assessed during the last 2 months of their training. This is accomplished using practical assignments which employ many of the skills they have learned while at the training center. Their performance is appraised to judge their proficiency utilizing their adaptive skills and to determine any additional skills training they may require prior to graduation.

The evaluation team can also design individualized and specialized assessments based on the specific needs of our consumers. These include multi-disabled individuals, individuals with a history of psychological involvement, and other underemployed populations.



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