Technology Training (Comptuers and Adaptive Equipment)
Technology offers a variety of skills. Students must learn to type to benefit from most of the training in this area. We have a keyboarding class that is available to those who need help in this area. We train in all areas of adaptive software for blind, low-vision and deaf-blind individuals. Below is a list of many of our training areas:
Training Topics include:

  1. Keyboarding / Typing
  2. Digital Recorders
  3. Windows 7 and File Management
  4. Microsoft Word 2010
  5. Microsoft Excel 2010
  6. Microsoft Outlook 2010
  7. Appropriate Adaptive Software:
    1. ZoomText Magnifier & Reader
    2. JAWS Screen reader
    3. Magic Screen Magnifier & Reader
  8. OpenBook Scanning software
  9. Internet Navigation
  10. Refreshable Braille Devices: Braille Note Apex, PacMate
  11. Deaf-Blind Communicator for Deaf-Blind
  12. iPhone & iPad Training

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Technology Department at our main number at at (337)234-6492 or toll-free at (800) 319-4444.



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