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What services are available for my child?  Are there any other visually impaired children in my community?  What steps do we need to take for the best possible future for my child? 

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?  Join us for "Vision Decisions” and network with families and professionals that can assist you in making decisions about your child’s low vision needs. 

  • Quarterly Newsletters - Receive quarterly e-mail newsletters that include helpful information about services and products available to you and your child.

  • Bi-Annual Meetings - Join the ABL Family Access Network for group meetings held twice a year to promote programs available to you and your child. Enjoy this opportunity to meet other parents and children in the network.


  •  Low Vision Exams - Your child may qualify for a FREE low vision exam and assistive technology assistance.  See qualifications and application for details.


  •  Telephone Conference Support - Members of the network may not always be able to get together, so our telephone conferencing system gives members the opportunity to communicate.


Have Questions?  Call (337) 234-6492 or e-mail

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